Sunday, December 04, 2005

Song of the girlyman

December 2
I went to Song, a fairly new Thai restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with its publicists and their friends. Song, which means "two" in Thai and, well, song in English, is one of two restaurants owned by Ariel Aparicio, who also is guitar player and lead singer of a band, Ariel and the Hired Guns, who were playing down the street at Southpaw. So we went to check them out.
They were fairly rockin'. But I really enjoyed the band that followed them, Girlyman: rocky-folksy, but with soul and a sense of humor.
The best suggestion of the evening: The United Nations should be moved to Governor's Island. No one's doing anything with it anyway, New York could still have the prestige of being the home of the UN but New Yorkers wouldn't have to deal with the traffic hassles.

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