Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Hello, best wishes and thanks for taking a look at my diary. If you’re looking for restaurant recommendations, I apologize. Although I have been a restaurant critic in the past, I am no longer. Instead, I report on food in restaurants for the benefit of restaurant operators. I don’t say whether it’s good or bad, just what it is. Here in my blog I’ll be sharing other observations too, but it wouldn’t be right for me to tell you where to eat; I’m based in New York, and the savvy restaurant operators here know who the food writers are, so I might get different treatment than other diners. That’s nice for me, but I’d hate to tell you “That restaurant’s great! Everything’s free and they give you Champagne,” when your experience might be different.
So please take my observations for what they’re worth, comment if you want to, and make your own judgments when eating out.



Anonymous said...

hi Brett,
Just wanted to say that I discovered your blog today, read probably all your posts from the past and got hooked. I really love the honesty put into this blog,learned a lot from your posts and spent time that I should have been working reading and reading some more. I write a blog frantic foodie in Seattle so if you are ever are around in Seattle, please let me know and I will make sure you know just where to eat.
Keep those great posts coming

tammy said...

Enjoyed your piece in the Tufts mag! Nice blog.

Cowboyjunkie said...

Ditto on adding fuel to the fire of Culinary school celebrity chef wannabes. It used to be that only the recent grads coming out of CIA Or J&W considered themselves ready made chefs, now it is every kid out of a local community college. At least it used to be that the community college kids (myself included) worked their butts off just be close to an actual chef. Not the case anymore, heck they just had a student on the show and I despised his misplaced confidence in his ability. There is such a huge difference in the european chefs on the show, they still had to put in a ton of grunt work as apprentices to get where they are I am sure.