Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Little Bistro

November 22

I had dinner at Little Bistro, somewhere on the border between Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill in Brooklyn. If you know the actual boundaries between those neighborhoods, please let me know.
It was good to see the chef and co-owner, Chris Cheung, again. I hadn't seen him since shortly after he'd opened Tiger Blossom, a restaurant that failed to thrive in the East Village and that closed soon after September 11.
He's a good guy who cut his teeth under Ed Brown when he was at JUdson Grill and then became a protégé of Jean-Georges Vongerichten.
He's a Cantonese-American (Toisan, actually) raised in Bensonhurst, which means that when you talk to him he sounds more like a Sal Gianelli. His plural for "you" is "yous."

What I ate:
Fried calamari with cardamom salt
Lobster pot pie
Crab cakes, baby spinach with tarragon vinaigrette, and slaw of napa cabbage, carrots and green mango
Pan-roasted snapper with sautéed arugula and balsamic jus
Hanger steak with horseradish whipped cream and sriracha sauce
Lychee custard
Apple pie à la mode.

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