Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The new fauxhawk

November 29

"Handlebar moustaches are the new fauxhawk."
Thus declared my new friend Jason Sheeler, who is old friends with my friend Clark at Travel + Leisure, after we left Paris Commune. The owners of that restaurant and wine bar threw a party celebrating their first year on 99 Bank Street and their 26th year in the West Village.
It's good to get a slice of pizza before going to parties organized by the publicists in charge of this one; they tend to go heavy on the booze and light on the food. But their parties are fun and the people are fashion-forward, especially if the party's in the West Village. Jason saw one handlebar moustache in full bloom and the beginning stages of another one, meaning it was going to sweep the gay community and spread from there, he says, just as the fauxhawk did.
In case you don't know, as I most certainly did not, a fauxhawk is the hairstyle in which you comb your hair toward the center of your scalp and then make it stick up in the middle, like a Mohawk.

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