Wednesday, November 16, 2005


November 15, 2005

On the way to dinner at askew, on LaGuardia right near NYU, I walked past Señor Swanky’s, which has been around for five years or so and which, because I’m dense, I just noticed declares itself to be a “Mexican Café and Celebrity Hangout.” I guess I respect the owners’ pluck.
askew opened just a couple of weeks ago and is the first restaurant venture of owner Edwin Chong, who started out in computers but likes restaurants and thought owning one would be cool. It’s tricked out with hip lighting and slightly askew décor (get it?) by Karim Rashid, who also designed Morimoto in Philadelphia. The food, all appetizer-sized, ranges from Caribbean-Southeast-Asian fusion, like jerk chicken and green mango slaw, to hanger steak.

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