Wednesday, March 14, 2007

um, What?

March 14,

I’m sorry, I just have to point out some of the less informative pieces of information publicists have been sending in the past 24 hours:

From a press release issued by a peanut company: “ ‘Nutrition’ begins with ‘nut’.”
(Who cares and, by the way, peanuts aren’t nuts; they’re legumes).

From the pick-whatever-adjective-seems-sexy department: The chef at a new mostly-Moroccan restaurant has been hired to “revolutionize this ancient, yet mysterious cuisine, fusing French influences with the luxurious flavors and tastes of Morocco.” (I added the italics; it seemed like the thing to do)

This just leaves me speechless:
“The visceral passion behind [company name deleted; just because you hire a bad publicist doesn’t mean you need to be further humiliated] can only be described as: Brooklyn. Lifestyle. Individualism. Authentic. Quality. Healthy. Urban. Organic. Rasta. Global. Energetic. Passionate.”


Alexei said...

ouch. as a publicist, or rather a food guy who happens to do PR, I'm embarrased. that last one with one-word sentences reads like the ads for shows that run in loops at the Vegas airport.

Bret Thorn said...

Hey, just because some publicists are terrible doesn’t mean that all of you are. One could just as easily find examples of horrendous journalism.

Paul said...

Thank you, Bret, for supporting publicists. But the business ain't what it used to be. It seems the copywriters these days are perhaps wide-eyed and perky losers from Donald Trump's old "Apprentice" show, rather than professionals with a command of English and training in old-school P/R