Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What do you mean, pronounce chrysanthemum?

May 30

This is how you pronounce chrysanthemum: Chris Anne thug (but don't pronounce the 'g') mumm. At least that's as close as I can get without having a schwa key.
Someone typed the words "pronounce" and "chrysanthemum" in Google and were led here to Food Writer’s Diary. I hope he or she tries again, because now the answer is here, waiting.
Bruni? Why that’s brew knee.
Prosecco is pronounced pro seck oh, basically.
Mechoui? Hmm. Now that you mention it, I'm not sure. I'd try muh chewy.
I know what web sites lead people here. Some people come on their own. Some come from or my fellow NRN bloggers Peter Romeo and Gregg Cebrzynski. Others are led here by my friends at Eater, Grub Street, Snack, The Daily Fresser, Allergic Girl and others. Andy Battaglia and Michaelangelo Matos are kind enough to have permanent links here, making me wonder if I should be writing more about music. My old college friend Shane Curcuru has been linking to me quite a little bit, too.
But mostly people come here from word searches. They seem to want to know if the people I write about have significant others or do their jobs well or if I have pictures of them wearing jeans. Some come here because of typos (unless people go to streep clubs to watch Meryl Streep movies).
I wish you would just e-mail me (at and ask. I’d be happy to try to help you out, although I’ll tell you right now I’m not going to spread rumors about Zak Pelaccio’s marital status. I will say, however, that I think Richard Grausman is doing a very good job.
Tomatoes? Yin, I'm pretty sure.
Of course some keyword searches just leave me flummoxed. “Mother” and “seduction” in the same search window? I’m speechless.
Here are some recent searches that brought people to Food Writer’s Diary:

Richard grausman not doing a good job
chorizo dust
vetri restaurant hard to get a reservation
humane foie gras
peanut opera experiment

a duck walked a store. he asked the manager if they had any chap stick

mother seduction
kittichai name meaning
an herb called kinome
fashion week food diaries
comedy dialogs with compliments in restaura
drink called vespa james bond
motley fool mandarin oriental
how to tell when peanuts have gone rancid
how many calories in pret a mange miso soup?
infusion mint julep
allergic to seafood can i eat at benihana
oxytocin foods chile
fantastic biceps of dani
how to kill gnats in south georgia
chef conant's wife susan
american oriental bioengineering jon goldberg
picture of salma abdelnour
wine cowboys
streisand gossip
antonio's pizza lodz
creative tattoo posed for a wok shop
sumile too expensive
agar agar vegetable terriers
different types of faux hawk haircuts
how do i make wild rice and green onion brets
cool names of chinese restaurant
plagiarism the sincerest form of flattery quote
food tiffany aloe
genetic defects in tasting cucumbers
interesting places on the way to spokane
pekin duck temperament
watershed peacock designer restaurant
tomatoes yin or yang
playgirl sexiest chef
ozersky dufresne
foie gras powder
tequila and cucumber juice
foodservice rumors on lee food service
bond and martini
molecular gastronomy maltodextrin
rockstar has an ice cream flavor after him
tilapia taco
zak pelaccio divorces his wife
hawaiian food colorado
rock star menu
favorite food what does jared leto like to eat
joe piscopo im from jersey
bobby flay's health dept
ion foods
pinotage and pulled pork
chocolate for cognac
estrogen food
streep clubs Birmingham
la caravelle tomato processing
Prosecco walnut oil vinaigrette
names that sound like food
todd english and ny post 2007
bobby flay in jeans
ihop east Colfax
pronounce chrysanthemum
quotes of food aroma
todd english's girlfriend
keys to restaurant bathroom
old skool food
dan barber girlfriend
beautiful teenagers coats
dunkin donuts that use soy milk in rhode island
predictions eve the restaurant ann arbor
pronounce Bruni


John said...

Excellent list. I found it very funny.

I think Food TV cancelled the Bobby Flay show where he spends 1 day coming up with a recepie and challenges someone with years of experience making that same item to a contest. I think after 10 shows he was 1-9.

I get the feeling that Bobby felt that it was semi-insulting to spend so little time preparing and expecting to have a competitive outcome.

Anyway, "0 comments" seems so lonely.

BTW whats the deal with Furious Crawdads. Seems everyone wants some.

Bret Thorn said...

john, I’m afraid I don’t know anything about World of Warcraft and so I can’t help you with regard to Furious Crawdads.
I also don’t watch the Food Network much, but I have read comments that the show you refer to seemed like a deliberate attempt to humiliate Mr. Flay and was a waste of his talent.

John said...

I agree on the Flay thing. I thought his bbq show was a better use of his talent. Watching BF lose week after week was certainly a case of shodenfreud (I looked up spelling) gone mainstream.

The crawdad thing was a google-test, give yourself a passing grade.