Thursday, January 08, 2009

Who are you?

January 8

Thanks to the 48 readers who participated in my survey of who you are. A quarter of those who responded are amateur food enthusiasts, slightly fewer than that are chefs. The amateurs all chimed in when I reminded my Twitter followers of the survey. One respondent is a self-proclaimed celebrity chef. One of those who ticked “other” commented that he or she was a sommelier.
Participants were allowed to pick more than one answer, and a lot of them did, which is why there are 65 responses from the 48 participants.
And now I’ll put up a new poll, about one of the hot-button issues in foodservice these days: Posting calorie information on menus and menu boards.

The question was, Who are you?
The answers were thus:

Chef at an independent restaurant: 5 (10%)
Chef at a chain: 3 (6%)
Fine dining chef: 3 (6%)
Chef at a non-restaurant foodservice operation: 1 (2%)
an NRN subscriber: 5 (10%)
Celebrity Chef: 1 (2%)
Journalist: 9 (18%)
Foodservice supplier or manufacturer: 1 (2%)
Amateur food enthusiast: 12 (25%)
Food Writer’s Diary fan: 5 (10%)
Publicist: 12 (25%)
unrelated in any way to foodservice: 4 (8%)
Other: 4 (8%)
Total voters: 48

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