Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Doughnut Day

June 5

June 5 is apparently National Doughnut Day, and if I were really on the ball I would have alerted you sooner that participating Dunkin’ Donuts are handing out free doughnuts with the purchase of a drink.

Please note that I wrote “participating” stores. Dunkin’ Donuts is all franchised and it’s up to each franchisee whether to participate or not.

In other Dunkin’ news, the company just announced that Jeff Hager of Hoover, Ala., is the winner of its “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest. His “Toffee for your Coffee” is a glazed sour cream cake doughnut topped with chopped Heath Bar.

Hager gets $12,000, and his creation will be available at Dunkin’ Donuts (participating ones, I imagine) this fall.

I asked Dunkin’ Donuts if they made up National Doughnut Day, but they said they didn’t. I wonder if it was Winchell’s.

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