Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Orthodox un-orthodox bagels

March 17

Who knew Moriah middle school in New Jersey’s Bergen county was a crucible for restaurant entrepreneurship?

Apparently it is. Mile End, a deli in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill, was opened a few months ago by a Moriah alumna, and today comes word from her former classmate Danielle Sarna (you might know her as publicist for the Max Brenner chocolate-themed restaurant) that another former attendee of that Orthodox Jewish day school is opening Vic’s Bagel Bar in Manhattan (Murray Hill — on Third Avenue between 36th and 37th streets).

Borrowing a shtick from Cold Stone Creamery (which got it from Steve’s), Vic’s has you pick a bagel (chocolate chip is among the options, showing that they are not orthodox in their bagel offerings), pick a spread (cream cheese, peanut butter, hummus, white fish, what have you — baked salmon salad I hope) and then a mix-in (bananas, capers, scallions, goodness knows what else), and it’s all assembled for you in have-it-your-way (or Burger King) style.

It sounds like a very on-trend concept. Fast, customizable, slightly non-traditional but not in a weird or freaky way. If they offer something local, seasonal or sustainable they’ll have all their bases covered.

The web site’s not up yet, but I’m told the restaurant’s open now.

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