Thursday, June 01, 2006

dumb sushi

June 1

Got an e-mail to day from what appears to be another newsletter explaining to me how to be a trendy New Yorker. It told me about a $68 sushi roll at a restaurant I won't name because it happens to be a very good restaurant that doesn't deserve the embarrassment.
There's nothing wrong $68 sushi. If a restaurant wants to charge it and people want to pay it, who am I to argue? But this one is a spicy tuna roll made from hon maguro, rare blackfin tuna. I'm all for eating blackfin tuna. But if you're eating such a great piece of fish, why on earth would you wrap it up in a roll and drench it with spicy mayonnaise? What a waste of a good piece of fish.
Here's some trivia: The spicy tuna roll was invented by a Mexican-American in Los Angeles, according to Michael Cardenas, a sushi pioneer in that city.

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