Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It’s the 5th, so there must be a new organic vodka

July 5

A month ago today I went to the launch party of a superpremium organic vodka. Today, I got two airplane bottles of another one. This one’s from Hawaii and apart from being organic, it declares that a portion of the profits from sales of the vodka goes to “organizations that help to protect and revitalize the ocean’s resources.”
That’s very nice, but, I mean, it’s vodka. How many factors am I supposed to consider when selecting a flavorless beverage?
Then again, although the superpremium vodka craze shows no sign of abating, as the marketplace for the stuff gets more and more crowded, I guess you might as well think up as many distinguishing characteristics as you can.
This vodka, by the way, is made from a combination of rye and corn. Last month's was just rye.


Paul Adams said...

Is that the Hawaiian vodka made with purified Hawaiian deep-sea water?

Bret Thorn said...

I was recently forced to clean my desk and don't have the press materials anymore (and besides I'm on the road), but if I remember correctly it was actually underground spring water, or something like that, from Hawaii. Deep-sea water would have to be more than purified, however, as it would be salt water.
But the vodka's mission was about protecting the ocean, so maybe ocean water is involved in some way.

Paul Adams said...

It sounds like the same one. The desalinated deep-sea water is already on the bottled-water market in its own right; now they're putting it in vodka.

Come to think of it, borrowing bottled waters' gimmicks opens up fertile territory for new vodkas. So we can expect oxygenated vodka, vitamin-enriched smart vodka -- ooh, here's an idea. I can't wait.