Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You were looking for WHAT?

February 13

My apologies for the extended silence. It’s not like I haven’t been going to fascinating meals; I just haven’t had time to write about them. I’m late for another one now, in fact, but rather than leave you hanging, I’d like to talk briefly about you.
It’s bad literary form to talk to you, dear reader, as if there were more than one of you, as if this were not a one-on-one conversation with an intimate. But sometimes it’s desirable to break the rules, and slavery to consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.
Besides, this blog is really a complex conversation, because although if you read this regularly you know a lot about me, I know a fair amount about you even if you don’t write comments very often.
I know that, although some of you visit Food Writer’s Diary just about every day (thank you), and even more of you have this web address bookmarked in your browser, many of you — on most days a majority — land on my blog due to searches, mostly on Google.
I even know what words were used in those searches, although what you actually were looking for more often than not remains a mystery.
Perhaps my favorite of all time was Kenny Lao gay dumpling
although foie gras garbage was pretty excellent, too.
Below are some others.
As a disclaimer, let me point out that my listing of these keyword combinations in no way is an endorsement of them or acknowledgement that word combinations like bobby flay cokehead and michael psilakis, rude are in any way based on fact. Michael Psilakis seems extremely nice to me and I have no reason to think that Bobby Flay is a cokehead.
Let me also point out that, although I know what searches brought you here, I don’t know who you are (but am nonetheless glad that you stayed) and so even when I do understand what you’re looking for (such as when someone came to this blog from the search food area has gnats should we close down), and I know the answer, and that if you look for it here you will be disappointed, I have no real way of replying to you (In the case I just mentioned I'm not sure of the answer as I think gnats are harmless, but they probably are classified by your local health department as vermin anyway).
So, if you really want to ask, just ask. Write it in a comment window, or e-mail me at bthorn@nrn.com.

Select searches that brought people to Food Writer’s Diary:

Kenny Lao gay dumpling
Monkee fuck Davy
Bobby Flay cokehead
food area has gnats should we close down
hot young miami chefs
chocolate and cognac
skater punx gays
famous people called symon
gay bars near mohegan sun
my ears hurt
Pedro Yanowitz gay
mascarpone pork
methocel Alsace
papdi chaat blog
secret food diaries
hawaiian food texas
dog fuke woman
does jennifer leuzzi have children?
robert larcom gastrosaloon
bobby flay and honey with comb in it
blue hill at stone barns and wedding
the food writers diary blog
different types of angels
pol boot tatoo
worlds of healthy flavors blog
hawaiian food geography
how do you pronounce bruni?
restaurant in bray-england
can i eat chroizo when i am pregnant
pin up girls extra hot 2007
methylcellulose balls fancy food
houston livestock show wine auction attire
caribbean bakery denver and goat
saffron marshmallow
midtown bars for writer meetings
how to make fake snow
mechoui how to pronounce
vietnamese nem year's celebration in the old days
why have cows got 4 teats
avante garde cuisine lactic acid
balsamic foam
maltodextrin tapioca food powders
faux hawk haircut
fauxhawk hairstyle
pronounce prosecco
dispirito colicchio
chef scott conant getting married
pret a manger ugly brown napkin
foie gras powder
sushi muslims
hydrolyzed soy protein molecular gastronomy
where best chefs eat Miami
whipped absinthe with black sesame puree
the best chocolate cake and wine in shanghai
ghana food peanut
waldorf astoria $500 chocolate cake
where do i put the apostrophe in bread n butter?
two week food diary for footballer
kobe club swords
tony esnault pictures
white chocolate/caviar amuse bouche and bacon and egg
gnats in peanut butter
foie gras garbage
meals to eat with mint julep
psychopathic chefs
michael psilakis, rude


Alexei said...

Wow, now I'm dying to know. Does Jennifer L have children? Baby Gras', as it were? Do tell, or is this not that kind of column?

Bret Thorn said...

Why don’t you ask her at snack.blogs.com?