Monday, July 09, 2007

hot dog

July 9

In reference to the annual July 4 Nathan’s hot dog eating contest, here's a gem posted to the ASFS Listerv last week, about food-eating contests in general, by Ken Albala:

“This is American culture at its most refined. Football is a complete bore, baseball like death warmed over. You want our values encapsulated and deified, and true excitement, it's got to be stuffing hot dogs.”


Anonymous said...

Somehow this almost makes me want to be erudite and wordy and make the unobvious comparison to stuffing sausages - not a pretty sight, whether in their skins or ours - but this time I think I'll abstain. This is a meal that needs no more seasoning.

Anna Schafer said...

This bun pan does Hot Dog Bun Dog Toy with Lej en pølsevogn