Thursday, July 05, 2007

A menu without a restaurant

Chris Cheung, my favorite Cantonese chef from Bensonhurst, is on his own again. He had a difference of opinion with the owners of Almond Flower Bistro about where the restaurant should go culinarily. Chris wanted a menu that used Western ingredients in Chinese cooking techniques — something he already was doing to a certain extent with items such as foie gras roast char siu bao with black truffle. The owners, according to Chris, have decided instead to serve $5 plates in a kitchen without a chef.
Anyway, this was the menu that Chris wanted, and he says he hopes to implement something like it somewhere soon.

evolutionary asian american cuisine

Noodle wrapped jumbo Maya shrimp 8
Foie gras roast pork buns 9
Roasted baby conch, black bean foam 7
Short rib lobster rice roll “cherng fun” 12
Asian green salad, mandarin oranges 6
Seared foie gras w/sautéed lychees 16
Truffled congee soup w/abalone wontons 12
Seafood chowder w/lotus chips 9
Wasabi crabcake 10
Mabu tofu wonton crisps 7
Crispy short rib wontons, truffle soy 8
Baked clams w/chili garlic gratin 9
Sliced salmon wrapped shrimp tempura 9
Sleeping oysters w/grilled scallops 16
Crispy calamari 8

Chilled baby conch 7
Shrimp cocktail 7
Clams on the half shell 8
Oysters on the half shell 15
Steamers (served hot) 15
The “Sea” cold platter 25
(3) clams (3) oysters (4) shrimp cocktail, chilled lobster
The “Ocean” cold platter 50
(6) clams (6) oysters (8) shrimp cocktail (3) baby conch, chilled lobster

Sweet and spicy baby back ribs 13
Char siu roast pork w/manndarin orange marmalade 12
Broiled ½ Lobster w/blue crab chili 18
Pan seared flounder 14
Asian and American vegetable medley 10
Black cod w/char siu marinade 16
Pan seared sirloin 13

Szechuan pepper crusted salmon w/mandarin orange marmalade 19
Peking duck w/scallion hoisin pancakes, mango reduction 25
Rack of lamb, baby vegetables, minted daikon 28
Pan seared sirloin w/wasabi scallion mash 27
Grilled chicken w/yellow curry rice stew 17
5 spice braised short rib w/pappardelle noodles 17
Seared squid udon pasta 17
Vegetable medley w/spinach noodles 13
Seafood stir fry 25
Mai fun rice noodles w/Chinese sausage and clams 17

Ginger and garlic hoi nam rice 3
Jasmine rice 2
Wasabi scallion mash potato 4
Little vegetables 4


Chocolate French tuile fortune cookie
Lychee custard tart
Mango cheesecake
Chocolate volcano cake
Assorted ice cream or sorbet


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Thanks anonymous, I passed your message on to him.

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