Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Because I want you to win $500, I really do

September 4

(This entry is dedicated to Regina Schrambling and others who prefer blind blog postings)

I just got off the phone with someone who used to work with Paul Liebrandt and recently opened a restaurant of his own in Soho. I really wanted to talk to him about his own restaurant, and I did, but I also had to ask if he knew anything about a future restaurant of Mr. Liebrandt that has been the topic of much speculation and apparently is causing quite a bit of consternation for my friends over at Eater, so much so that they’re willing to open their checkbooks over it.
The chef said that Paul enjoyed the pork-belly with miso-butterscotch sauce that’s on his new restaurant’s menu, but that he had no idea what arrangements Paul and “Drew” were working on and that they were being very hush-hush about it.
O.K., not Aha!, but I’m trying to share what I have, because I don’t think I could accept the $500 even if I won it.

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