Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For New York restaurant news junkies

September 11

The opening of Primehouse New York, Stephen Hanson’s latest restaurant, which was supposed to happen on September 20, has been pushed back to October 1. The opening party’s still scheduled for the 20th.
Primehouse’s shtick is that the beef served there is descended from the same bull. You can read all about it here if you’re curious.
The original Primehouse, in Chicago, involved chef David Burke, who, having been the corporate chef of Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group for a number of years, is a steak expert. He’s not involved in the New York restaurant, though. Heading up the kitchens there will be Jason Miller, who also was the chef at Primehouse in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bret,

What's your take on food events? There are so many over the course of the fall. James Beard is about to have one that's over $1000 and Time Out is having their annual event on the 24th. Are these worth all the money?

Bret Thorn said...

Oh anonymous, I go to tons and tons of food events, but being a journalist, I go for free, so I’m afraid I’m not a good judge of what they’re worth. On top of that, as a journalist I don’t make the kind of money that people who pay to attend $1000 events do.
But I would think that as a general rule it makes sense to focus on those food events whose charities you supoort.