Wednesday, February 27, 2008

random grossness

February 27

Just for fun: Some FDA guidelines for maximum allowable contaminants in human food, sent from Rachel Laudan to the Association for the Study of Food and Society listserv.

Brussels sprouts: 10 aphids per ounce
Shelled peanuts: 1 insect per 5 pounds
Gold raisins: 4 fly eggs per ounce
Tomato juice: 3 fly eggs per ounce
Popcorn: 2 rodent hairs per ounce
Peanut butter: 9 insect fragments per ounce
Canned mushrooms: 5 maggots per ounce
Whole peppercorns: 1% mammalian excretia

1 comment:

Alexei said...

wow. makes me think differently about that "earthy" pepper I've been using.

side question - whose job is it to count the individual pests/percentiles of offending contaminants per ounce?