Friday, August 22, 2008

Prospect Lefferts Barbecue

August 22

If I want barbecue in the little Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, I visit my friend and colleague Milford Prewitt, who makes delicious barbecue (and in fact fed it to me and my colleagues last weekend; my boss Pam Parseghian brought delicious cole slaw).
But apart from being a great cook, a charming host and a really talented house fixer upper, Milford is also a terrific journalist and active neighbor, and so he has learned the following about a barbecue joint that the owners of Enduro on Lincoln Road hope to open in the space next door to their current restaurant (this was first mentioned in the blog Hawthorne Street):
It will be called Richard’s Barbecue, will have 100-110 seats and will probably focus on St. Louis-style food, although they haven’t decided for sure yet. They hope to open it in December.

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