Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Calorie quiz

October 8

I decided to play around with the survey gadget here at blogger, although I'm using it as a quiz to see how many people can guess which chain restaurant items have more calories. Here in New York that information is posted on menus and menu boards (of restaurants with 15 or more units nationwide), and I've found the results surprising.
I'll give you the answer to the first quiz in a week or so.

Update, October 15

This is how people voted when asked which Starbucks Item is more fattening:

Pumkin Scone: 19 (76%)
Old fashioned glazed donut: 6 (24%)
In fact, according to the labels at Starbucks, they’re close, but a pumpkin scone has 500 calories and a donut has 480.

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Anonymous said...

I voted before I cheated and used teh internets. Of course, there are a million different zones that *bucks operate in, so who knows which pumpkin scone I was looking up - a southern one, a parched out one from the midwest, or a nice plump New England scone with fresh local pumpkin in it.

In any case, the answer is probably surprising. In any case, the answer to world hunger could be shipping just a few cases of breakfast pastries to the right places...