Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oh Jamie, Jamie, Jamie

November 6

I’ve gone on the record more than once as saying I don’t like Top Chef, not because I think it’s a bad show — to be honest, I haven’t watched it enough to judge — but because I think the fans it cultivates are bad for the restaurant world, shifting the focus from food to personalities and drawing a lot of annoying, tittering idiots into my line of vision. But it does provide opportunities for its contestants, so I can’t blame them, or its judges, for taking part.
I hope that Jamie Lauren comes across well. She came across as unusually cool when I met her last year during a trip to San Francisco. Here’s a Q&A I did with her shortly thereafter.


mostlykim said...

I'm pissed jamie got eliminated tonite. Here's why. Jamie was a favorite amongst me and my friends, themselves future top chef contestants. Jamie displayed through the kitchen skills individuality, creativity, honesty and confidence without exuding the unsubstantiated arrogance of some of her fellow competitors, In the words of kathy griffin, a big "suck it" goes to the judges. Tonites challenge asked a ridiculous task of an aspiring top chef. I give much credit to jamie for honestly commenting on her take on the food served her. The judges seemed to be blindsided by the pre- judice of the caliber of food that should come out of a "top chef's" restarant and rather than honestly critique the food, merely said it was wonderful, the creator being a fellow judge. The qestion i pose is should a top chef contestant be put in the position to recreate a dish that he or she does not like or should they be given the opportunity, to replicate the dish, using their own creativity and tastes to improve upon that dish. I would sat that if jamie does not like celery she should be given the opportunity to replace with leeks. I am not a chef, however i do see and taste great food. It is getting late in the evening, and the elloquence is beginning to elude me so here it goes. Pouty lips leah, lose it. you are becoming a disgrace to women as you are using your sultryness rather than skills to carry you on. Baldy judge - not you tom, i think you rock - your pre composed cutdowns clearly displat your arrogance and lack of sureselfedness. I can't remember a comment given by you meant to correct, teach, or inspire. Josea, good luck and back to tom. You portay the talents and composere of the excellent chef you are while being able to share constructive criticism to those whom rever you. Finally, Jamie please post the restarant in which you will be chef next. I will be coming in to eat

mostlykim said...

I sincerely apologize for every spellin mistake just made

Bret Thorn said...

I'm just glad you got that off of your chest, mostlykim.