Monday, November 24, 2008

PSA for a former colleague

November 24

Yesterday I said my next blog entry would be about celebrity chefs, but first I’d like to hand you a link to my former colleague Peter Romeo’s new blog, Restaurant Reality Check.
Peter headed up the Nation’s Restaurant News web site until last Tuesday, and he was the first guy to suggest that some of us should write blogs (he wrote The Scoop). I asked him what on earth I would write about that anyone else could possibly be interested in.
“Write about where you eat every night,“ he said. And that’s mostly what I do here.
So thanks, Peter, and best wishes.


Peter Romeo said...

Thanks, Bret. I appreciate it. You're not only an amazingly talented journalist but also a kind soul, despite the curmudgeonly exterior. And if I ever try my hand at public relations, you'll be the standard by which I evaluate the sense and feasibility of my pitches.

Passionfruit Butter said...

Well, hi, my name is Rémy. I am a native New Orleanian and I foster a deep love for Joel Dondis' Sucre. I was searching for Tariq Hanna on Google when I found your blog by happenstance- I am as much of a gourmet as a high school senior can be, and basically, it just so happens that I want your career. Or something like it, that combines good food with good writing. I have been dabbling in the blog world with my own food blog, Passionfruit Butter (I think you can click out to it from here?) and thought it providential that I found yours. Anyway, just had to introduce myself!