Friday, February 12, 2010

Cocktail news from Pranna

February 12

So much to write about, so little time.

For now I’ll just mention some news I learned last night at a sort of networking party thrown by the New York City Hospitality Group, formed by a dozen people with different types of expertise in the foodservice and lodging industries who want to network with others. It’s a good idea.

They threw a party at Pranna, at which publicist Andrew Freeman spoke briefly but entertainingly and intelligently about foodservice trends.

The party was in Pranna’s basement, and we ate fried and stuffed things and naan, and I drank red wine.

Pranna has a serious Asian-oriented cocktail list intended to go with the cuisine from South Asia (that's the Indian subcontinent) and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia etc.)

But bar manager Eric Greczel says they plan to mix it up downstairs, which Pranna’s owners have told him to turn into a proper high-end cocktail bar, with drinks that take five minutes to make, rather than the 90 seconds they have at the busy bars upstairs.

So keep your eyes open for that.

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