Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Exclusive event!

August 16

Last week I got an e-mail with the subject hed: "invite (sshhh)!! mommy & baby editor's preview"
After pleasantries about how hot it is out there, I was told "I‘m inviting you to this event we are holding next Friday (August 18th) – we’re only inviting select media contacts that work in the child & mommy space. We are debuting over 25 brand new, really unique under the radar companies that have recently launched new product lines just in time for holiday and new years."
Since I write about food trends in restaurants for the trade press, I think my mommy is probably the only mommy who reads my stuff, and she's not doing it to find new products to aid in raising kids; her youngest child is 34, after all.
But I get lots of disingenuous invitations from publicists who are unware of their own pathetic transparency — or maybe they are aware, know that their messages will mildly irritate people like me whom they don't care about, and perhaps touch the hearts of those they are trying to lure to their event. I usually just delete them, or if they're really bad I forward them to other editors and we have a good laugh.

But these jokers then tried again, thanking me for showing interest in the event.

"Some of the comments we have received: 'this is the talk of the town', 'this is the best invite I've received all summer' ..."
I think my best invite this summer, apart from the one to meet my newborn niece, was a trip to Thailand that I was unable to take, but perhaps the parenting-publication world is less glamourous.
Still, the message told me in no uncertain terms that only "media mommies" and "media that work in the mommy & child space ONLY [sic]" are invited.
Since the rest of the press release is such nonsense, I figure the part about it being exclusive is also untrue, so I thought I'd just let you know, should you feel like crashing a party, that the event is at a Beach House at 2 Saddle Lane in East Hampton. Maybe you could stop by and pick up some free stuff.

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