Thursday, August 24, 2006

What would Hizbollah do?

I had dinner at Tintol, again, with its new publicist, and what more breezy topic to discuss over Portuguese small plates than the Middle East?
We seemed to agree that, although Israel's incursion into Lebanon might have been justified, it was not effective. Indeed, Israel's quite understandable policy of fighting brutal attacks with counter-brutal attacks has served simply to create more enemies.
The publicist suggested that Israel would have been better off treating Palestinians in its occupied territories the way Hizbollah and Hamas do: Run schools and hospitals and provide services.

Food to eat while solving the world's problems:

flamed chorizo
grilled sardines
Chanfana de cabrito (goat stew) with carrot puree
bolos de bacalhau


Anonymous said...

What pathetic liberal blather. A restaurant, a publicist and a diary writer to be avoided at all costs.

Bret Thorn said...

Hey, don't hold it against the restaurant.