Tuesday, September 05, 2006

As a publicist you make a good ditch digger

September 5

Reviewing some press releases today, I noticed that one misspelled the name of the street of the restaurant it was supposed to be promoting. Another misnamed that oh-so-popular HBO TV series, Sex and the City. The release called it Sex in the City. I know that’s a small thing, but editors can be small people, and very pedantic ones when it comes to things like spelling and, you know, getting names right.
Then again, careless if asinine mistakes like that won’t keep me from writing about something if it’s interesting. What will is a release that doesn’t say anything. I have before me an e-mail about an event that a restaurant is holding. It tells me when the event will be. It says it is being held at the restaurant — it doesn't say where the restaurant is, but I suppose I could look that up on the restaurant’s web site. I won’t, but I could. It says proceeds for the event would go to local charities — vague, but I’ll take it. But it doesn't say what the event would be.



Anonymous said...

Oh, the power!

Ann Martini said...

As a former editor who also "went to the dark side" and became a PR agent, I can attest to horrible press releases. A celebrity chef is coming for a demo at a local restaurant, but the release fails to mention that chef's name. Are you kidding me? My other editorial pet peeve is restaurant menus rife with mistakes. My favorite here in Providence that has on its dessert menu "White and Dark Chocolate Mouse." Eww.