Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Secret food section

September 21

What if you launched a food section in your publication and didn't tell anyone?
The Onion has done that.
Really, it's a city section, but there's a fair amount of food in there.
The Onion, of course, is best known for its satire news stories, but its middle section, the A.V. Club, has long been a place of serious reviews of music and books and such. The city section is like that, too.
So if you live in New York, pick up a copy today. It's free, and I have an article on Thai food in there this week.


Anonymous said...

What? They've had a food section in Chicago for a fairly long time.

Bret Thorn said...

My apologies for being New York-centric. Here in the Big Apple The Onion's food section is new. Chicago really is the most dynamic food city in the country these days; it's good to know that The Onion reflects that.