Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lonesome publicist

September 19

Interesting opening party for Lonesome Dove last night, and not because some of us got to brand a cabinet with our initials.
No, it was interesting because the party was thrown by PR company Bullfrog & Baum and one of the first people I saw there was from another PR firm, Baltz & Co.
"This isn't your party," I said.
"We're going to start representing them," he said. "Shhh."
He said "Shhh," to a journalist. I don't shoosh well, and if I wrote for a publication with a name like New York Publicists Gossip Sheet that bit of information would have been in it now, especially since several Baltz folks told me the same story and then shooshed me. Then I was told by one Baltzian that the shift from Bullfrog & Baum was amicable. Who am I to call him a liar?
I don't write for the New York Publicists Gossip Sheet, and I don't know where one goes to read about the New York restaurant PR world, but I think some of the readers of this blog our interested in such things.
So there you have it.

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