Thursday, August 02, 2007

Beard Awards move to Gemini

August 2

The Rabelaisian icon of the food world, James Beard, was born on May 5, 1903. That means he was a Taurus, which is appropriate if you put any stock in astrology. We Taureans (my birthday’s April 22) are an epicurean lot, enjoying good food and other luxuries. We’re loyal, dependable, gentle, a bit stingy at times but willing to spend money on things we care about, like good food. Stubborn maybe, but in a passive sort of way. We’re really very sweet, and terrific restaurant patrons.
In the New York food world, the James Beard Foundation Awards usually happen in the middle of Taurus season (April 21st to May 20), right around the birthday of its namesake (and also, incidentally, that of my mother; my brother Todd’s a Taurus too, May 17). But this year the awards have been moved to June 8.
That’s a Sunday instead of a Monday, which means I won’t have to change into my tuxedo in the office bathroom and then rush over from work, but I will have to remember to pick up an office camera on the Friday before. It also is after the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago, which means I won’t be killing myself trying to get my work done that inevitably is due around that time. But, I mean, June 8?
The Beard Foudnation folks said the move was necessary to keep the event at Avery Fisher Hall, where it moved last year after being at the New York Marriott Marquis for most of its history (although I’m told the first Beard awards were on a boat — one of those booze cruises). That’s understandable, but it will require adjustment.
Taureans also are traditionalists.

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Anonymous said...

The June date is a slap in the face of the man in whose memory the James Beard awards were founded to honor. It shows the new administration does not care about America's culinary traditions but about their own agenda, which is to promote the foreign chefs the new leaders are so ga-ga over. They forget what the foundation is supposed to be about and by changing the date so they can be in a supposedly more artsy facility they spit on James Beard's legacy.

Does anyone care what's happening over there or is everyone as asleep as they were last time the rug was pulled over everyones' eyes?

FOB, Friend of Beard