Thursday, February 19, 2009

28 percent of you should try reading NRN

February 19

My fault: The results of the latest poll are kind of confusing, because I let participants tick as many boxes as they wanted, and they ticked an average of 1.52 of them.
I was curious to know what kind of crossover there is between Food Writer’s Diary readers and readers of its parent, Nation’s Restaurant News.
I learned that 28 percent of the 25 participating poll takers don’t read NRN at all, but that 60 percent do read it (assuming that no one said that they read NRN primarily both online and in print). And that 16 percent of those who read it read it in print.
Two respondents — that’s 8 percent — said they usually read it at home.
In the bathtub, maybe.
Anyway, the results are below. I’ll post a new poll sometime soon.

I read NRN: 6 (24%)
I do not read NRN: 7 (28%)
I read NRN primarily in print: 4 (16%)
I read NRN primarily online: 11 (44%)
I usually read NRN at work: 8 (32%)
I usually read NRN at home: 2 (8%)

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