Wednesday, February 18, 2009

creeping serving sizes

February 18

Restaurants take a lot of heat from public health advocates who accuse them of fattening up the American population. Restaurants tend to respond that they're serving customers the tasty food that they enjoy in the portion sizes that they demand.
And it turns out that it’s not just restaurants that have been serving up bigger portions (until the past two or three years, say, when different-sized options have become more readily available in restaurants).
It turns out that, according to this article from the Associated Press, that cookbooks are doing it, too.
Okay, mostly The Joy of Cooking is doing it. Their portion sizes have gotten larger just like restaurants' have.
I love The Joy of Cooking, by the way. If you need to know how to cook something, that book will tell you. You’ll likely have to tweak the recipes, but the basic technique is there.

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