Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This blog’s readers are not animal rights activists

Actually, I’m surprised.

I thought mentioning foie gras would trigger the Google Alerts of some rabid, misinformed (though possibly well-meaning) people and draw them out to defend pampered, well-fed ducks.

But no. Not a one.

I guess they just don’t care anymore.

A couple of the participants in my latest poll — which asked, simply, "Foie Gras, yes or no?” said they don’t like foie gras, and a few said they hadn’t really thought about the treatment of ducks raised for their unctuous livers (thanks for participating, all the same).

But most participants (52 percent), said they think foie gras ducks are treated just fine (and they are, by all accounts from informed people that I've heard), and just about a third said they don’t care how the ducks are treated.

See for yourself.


I refuse to eat foie gras because I think it's cruel to animals: 0 (0%)
I think foie gras ducks are treated fine: 20 (52%)
I don't care how foie gras ducks are treated, I like how it tastes so I'm eating it: 12 (31%)
I don't like foie gras: 2 (5%)
I hadn't really thought about it: 4 (10%)

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