Thursday, October 26, 2006

I mean, come on

October 26

A publicist recently asked me why I don’t ever write anything about good publicists in my blog. So, for the record, some publicists do a good job.
But yesterday I tried to call a restaurant using a phone number from a press release. The release had transposed two digits.
I just interviewed a chef whose name ends in an s, and the publicist put an apostrophe before the s for no reason.
And here's a gem:
"Long Branch, NY (October 2006)- [Name deleted] is a contemporary French restaurant located along the breathtaking beaches of Long Branch, NJ."
If Long Branch is in New Jersey, why is the dateline in New York?
Proof reading is not brain surgery. It's really not.
I just got invited to an event claiming to usher in the debut of shochu to New York, which is weird since that spirit has been available in Japanese and Korean restaurants here for years.
And I swear that if I get another press release this autumn with the headline "How do you like them apples?" someone is going to get hurt.

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