Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My ears hurt

October 4

I just got my head chewed off by a famous chef downtown because I asked him where I might get my hands on some sodium alginate and calcium chloride.
I wrote an article about sodium alginate in September 2005, interviewed said chef for it but didn't include him in the story.
I didn’t know he even cared until I called him a few weeks later to interview him about unconventional noodles. Boy did he let me have it.
I think what really annoyed him was that when he asked why I didn't use him I said that what he was doing wasn't as interesting as what some other chefs were doing.
Oh, he didn’t like that, especially since in the story I included a few mundane examples of chefs using sodium alginate to make little caviarlike bubbles, which, if you’re one of the half-dozen most avant-garde chefs in the country, is as boring as a cheese sandwich. But for the rest of the restaurant world, you have to explain how it’s done.
I finished the story with chefs doing more creative stuff, including one who just became his new pastry chef, but I guess this chef didn’t get that far into the article, which is fair enough; he’s a busy guy.
To be honest, it’s nice to know that he cares.
Besides, after haranguing me, he did give me the phone number of an alginate supplier.


mme snack said...

will goldfarb sells it all at

Anonymous said...

Does the chef's name rhyme with Smiley Blue Rain?

Bret Thorn said...

Jennifer: Thanks.

Anonymous: Smiley Blue Rain! That’s so lyrical!