Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lunch with a Brennan

October 19

Alex Brennan-Martin, head of the Houston branch of the first family of New Orleans fine dining, was the host for lunch today at Picholine. He was showcasing the work of Randy Evans, executive chef of Brennan's of Houston, whose book, The Kitchen Table, was just published.
I think there’s something in Brennan DNA that makes them fun to hang out with, so that was a good start, and then I sat at a really good table with, among others, Megan Steintrager of Epicurious, and freelancer David Leite, whom several people have been trying to introduce me to for a couple of years now. Nice guy.
Conversation meandered to JJ Goode, whom we all agree we like. Megan and David in particular praised an article he wrote about being a food writer with just one working arm. I'll have to look it up.

What was for lunch:

Smoked catfish mousse
Brennan's of Houston Brunch Hussard
Pecan crusted cabrito lollipops

Oysters Rockefeller soup

Wild boar terrine, cider-poached foie gras torchon, lamb and rosemary sausage, mayhaw jelly, bread-n-butter pickles

Wild Texas shrimp with “biscuits and gravy” (in quotes because it was actually a sort of savory bread pudding made with biscuits)

Vanilla bean pound cake with praline ice cream

We also got pralines and cookies in a goody bag to take with us

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