Monday, September 22, 2008

Best thing I learned so far this week

September 22

I know it’s only Monday, but still...
From Gary Allen: The ancient Romans had a deity whose function was to help in their efforts to get their children to eat "real" food. Her name was Edusa.

The work load’s a bit extreme this week, but I hope to find time to update you on my weekend adventures in Boston, which included dinners at Clio and Persephone and a conference on obesity.
Also, a sausage biscuit at BK and a poblano pesto burrito at one of Jeff Ackerman’s Qdobas.


Shane Curcuru said...

I can't believe you came to Boston - within weeks of my birthday, I may add - and didn't let you know.

Just for that I'll put in this no-content comment to your blog, and include a completely random link to another friend's suggestion of a Scoville scale for horseradish and gingerol.

Bret Thorn said...

You’re right, Shane, I am a bad person, but Michael tells me you were out of town, anyway.
And it was a quick trip: Dinner at Clio, obesity conference, dinner with Michael and Shoshi at Persephone and then attending Michael’s comic book party, and then out.
But I should have let you know.

Shane Curcuru said...

No problem, I was just being snarky and wanted a place to put that link in.

How was the comic opening party? We still need to upgrade his Mr. Fisch website - although I loved the cafe his show is being held in.

Oh, and yes, we were out of town in Maine, where it was very dark. Fun and relaxing, too.