Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rickshaw truck on the move!

September 25

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar launched its mobile truck today. Managing partner Kenny Lao called to say they parked at 41st and Lex, but were kind of slow in arriving and so missed most the lunch rush.
Tomorrow: Wall Street, where obviously people need a reasonably priced lunch.
Daily truck locations will soon be posted at and


Lamanda said...

I have been intrigued by street food vendors ever since watching an episode of Bizarre Foods on The Travel Channel. Granted this group appears to be selling food that sounds much more appetizing than anything Andrew Zimmern was eating in a couple of places in Asia. I kind of wish that there were more street food vendors in Georgia like y'all seem to have up North. It just seems like such a neat cultural experience!

Shane Curcuru said...

Ah, food trucks. I mean, the properly licensed retail type, that is.

Cambridge has it's own subculture thereof, although I have to admit disappointment in the MIT food truck listing, in that I'd expect Googling for "MIT Food Truck" to turn up a whole raft of Web 2.0 maps showing live locations of the trucks, menus with photo streams of today's plates, and expected wait times charts and such.

Hey! That's a great new trend: food rafts! The Charles is clean enough now that they could pull it off, if only there were more public dockage space that's foot traffic accessible.

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