Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good-bye San Domenico, hello SD26

June 18

Tony and Marisa May did a pretty good job of not revealing much about the new location of San Domenico. The old one closes today, except for a blowout party tomorrow. Its new location was supposed to be revealed at lunch today, but somebody let the cat out of the bag this morning. (I'm told that Grub Street had that information, too, but waited until lunchtime to post it).
Tony and Marisa are lovely, conversational people, so the fact that they didn’t let out any more was pretty good.
Well, okay, Marisa did mention to me a few weeks ago that Massimo Vignelli would be the designer. And I’m sure a few other bits of information got out, too, because I bet Marisa talks to a lot of people. She’s a restaurateur, after all, and one who’s not afraid to joke about getting people drunk.
Still, the release of the information was handled well, and maybe a little leak here and there helps keep people excited, so there can be big coverage like here and also here and even with pictures here.
So what's left to say?
Well, the announcement was made at San Domenico’s farewell luncheon, so here's what we ate:

zuppa di pomodoro con medaglione di aragosta (baked heirloom tomato soup with lobster medallions)
uovo in raviolo al burro nocciola tartufato (this is San Domenico’s signature item of egg yolk-filled raviolo — that’s the singular of ravioli — with truffled brown butter)
filetto di vitello con carciofi, fave, cipolle di primavera con salsa di vino bianco, burro e pancetta (prepared by San Domenico alumnus Marc Bianchini of Osteria del Mundo, Cubanitas and Indulge, all in Milwaukee — veal tenderloin with baby artichokes, fava beans, cipollini onions and a sauce of white wine, basil, pancetta and butter)
Baba al rum con salsa all'arancia (Rum-soaked cake with orange sauce, and whipped cream)

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