Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gray Kunz and Oceana

June 12

The strange thing about Aspen is that it’s really more a part of the international resort circuit than it is part of Colorado. That means that even here in the mountains I’m plugged in to what’s going on in New York.
So here’s what I’ve learned, and I’m pretty sure you can take it to the bank:
As rumors indicate, Gray Kunz is, indeed, scouting out the space on 54th Street currently occupied by Oceana, whose lease expires in July of 2009, but fans of Oceana don’t need to worry. Its owner, Nick Livanos, has signed a lease for a new, larger space, closer to the heart of Midtown, where it plans to move when its current lease expires. The ink is dry, but they won’t reveal the exact location yet.
At any rate, the new Oceana will have much of the high-concept fine-dining food chef Ben Pollinger is making now, but it also will have a full-on raw bar, outdoor seating, private banquet space and a slightly less formal atmosphere than it does now. It will also have a proper bar intended to attract a drinking crowd, with ceviche and such being served there.
Should be fun.

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