Friday, June 20, 2008


June 19

Last night I was having Thai food at Rhong-Tiam with my history professor friend Jonathan Ray, who was visiting from DC. We were talking about his kids and romance and the prevailing political mood among Mediterranean medievalists when we were interrupted, very politely, by a photographer who said she was from The New York Times and wanted to photograph us eating.
Apparently Julia Moskin will be writing about Rhong-Tiam soon.
As we were leaving, we ran into my friend Yishane’s friend Emily, and Emily’s sister, who were heading to the restaurant for dinner. I told her about the upcoming Times piece.
“Oh no!” she said, because if the Times wrote about Rhong-Tiam, we would have trouble getting in.
That’s probably true, but it will be good for business.
Speaking of which, Rhong-Tiam chef-owner Andy Yang’s next venture, a fusiony place in the East village called Kurve, is slated to open on July 1.

What we ate:

roasted pork neck with chile-ginger sauce
fluffy catfish salad
(Thai) southern style chicken
pat pak boong fai daeng (“watercress greens on fire”)

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