Friday, April 24, 2009

Absinthe at l’Absinthe

April 24

Fox News and a Zen Buddhist temple are both on the same street as l'Absinthe, an old-school Upper East Side French restaurant that last night had a tasting of the liqueur after which the restaurant is named, the one that once was banned, ostensibly because of the thujone in the wormwood used to make it, but that was really hip among 19th Century Parisian artists and is now hip among hipster wannabes, but among some cool people as well.
I imagine the restaurant gets more business from the network than the temple, although I couldn’t tell last night, when before the 9pm tasting I had dinner with two of L'Absinthe’s publicists.
The restaurant was about half full, which isn’t bad.
We spoke mostly of simple things, like reality television, although as more people arrived and the Absinthe tasting began the subject moved on to other things, although I’m not sure what, because I drank something like six Absinthes, administered by our able server, Steve Bucheli.
I woke miraculously without a hangover.

What I ate and drank (besides Absinthe):
2006 Newton Chardonnay
Guacamole terrine with salmon tartare and poached lobster
duck foie gras seared with mango
2005 Hautes-Côtes de Nuits
pan-seared skate with pine nuts and capers, served with seared zucchini and confit tomato skin
braised chicken paillard with white wine and truffle
Apple tarte.

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Jennifer Heigl said...

I had a chance to try absinthe in NYC at the SWEET event last fall and loved it!