Monday, April 27, 2009

off the record

April 27

If someone tells you something in confidence, it’s in confidence. You have to respect that or you’re a jerk. I’ve had colleagues in the past who have insisted that we shouldn’t have off the record conversations at all, because they just get you into trouble. But sometimes interviewees let things out that you can talk about, and that’s how I learned of the tentative opening date (okay, opening week) of New York City’s first ever Baja Fresh, at 465 Lexington Ave. (between 45th and 46th streets if Google Maps is to be believed). If all goes as planned, Qdoba and Chipotle will have new competition starting the week of May 11.
Mark your calendars.

April 30 update: I guess all didn't go as planned, as is now reporting that Baja Fresh won’t be opening until the week of the 19th at the earliest. No big shocker there — the only New York restaurant I can recall opening on time was the original Tasting Room.


Anonymous said...

No competition, Qudoba and Chipotle suck

Rachel said...

Ok, here is the thing.. back in the day Baja Fresh was GREAT. They had the best tortilla soup West of... west of the left. Everything was fresh,they were grilling tomatoes on the grill..7 kinds of salsa at the bar- you had to wait for your food. BUT then they were bought by some people that wanted to "streamline" (and I read this in NRN magazine by the way!) and we all know what that means.. all of a sudden the tortilla soup (which is my Baja Fresh blue chip indicator) tasted like thick tomato sauce. The chicken just seemed a wee bit more "formed" then before. Rusticity was becoming fabricated. I was depressed but still went back once in awhile and would get the grilled fish tacos. A few months ago (Jan) I went back and tried the tortilla soup again (just in case the new streamlining owners decided to stop streamlining) and I am pleased to annouce that it was almost back to its orginal (circa 2006 ish) glory. Am anxious to see how good of a job they do with the tortilla soup in NYC. Keep us posted!!