Thursday, April 02, 2009

And now, a more serious poll

April 2

April Fool's Day is no time to ask serious questions, so I just asked you what you thought of the day. Now I'm asking you to prognosticate about what the foodservice landscape will look like at the end of this recession. You may choose more than one answer. As always, feel free to add further comments below, or e-mail me if you like.

Not many people participated in yesterday’s poll, but it was only up for about 12 hours.

The results:

How do you feel about April Fool’s Day?

It’s a time-honored tradition that reminds people to lighten up: 3 (75%)
It's a dangerous custom that can cause misunderstanding and tragedy: 0 (0%)
It's a great opportunity for me to get back at my enemies: 0 (0%)
I hadn’t really thought about it: 1 (25%)
I don't click buttons on April 1st: 0 (0%)

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