Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chris Cheung has a new job

December 10

I was happy to receive word today that my friend Chris Cheung, most recently executive chef of Monkey Bar until it was sold out from under him, is now executive chef of an Alphabet City restaurant called China 1.
That restaurant features Shanghainese cuisine. Chris's family is from Toisan, in the deep-south province of Guangdong, but his wife is Shanghainese, and he recently was visiting her ancestral homeland, no-doubt learning about the cuisine in the process, because that's what chefs do.
He apparently also plans to maintain his own custom of using Western ingredients in some Chinese dishes. So his liquid foie gras baozi will find their way to China 1.
China 1 Antique Restaurant and Lounge
50 Avenue B, at 4th St.

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