Monday, December 22, 2008

Was George W. Bush a brawler?

December 22

Say what you want to about our outgoing president, the man can dodge a shoe. Do you know what would happen to me if someone threw a shoe with such accuracy at my head? I’d be hit by a shoe, that’s what.
But not our president. He knows how to duck. I think his ability not to be hit by shoes is the most impressive thing I’ve seen in his presidency.
“The man’s been in a fight,” Blain Howard told me.
Blain celebrated his birthday on Saturday, and I joined him and a couple dozen of his friends for the festivities at Aces & Eights Saloon on the Upper East Side.
It’s a “beer bomb” place, according to the bartender who handed me a pitcher of Bud Light ($12).
Between rounds of beer pong, Blain, who used to do mixed martial arts and is I think the only friend I have who considers physical confrontation as an option for personal conflict resolution, said the first thing he thought when he saw the hurled-shoe video was that our commander-in-chief had mixed it up himself a couple of times.
Makes sense to me.
The wings at Aces & Eights smelled good, but instead of eating them, after I left the party I stopping by a nearby diner and had a gyro sandwich with fries and a Greek salad.

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Gastropoda said...

Think about it, though: The one thing the cretin has done well in his entire life is duck. No matter whether it was the draft or responsibility for his many business disasters. Funny that his accidental legacy will be the video of the man in the most powerful position in the world dodging an Iraqi journalist who had to resort to force to point out that the emperor is clearly wearing no clothes. We should all be ashamed. The second shoe was for all the orphans and widows and everyone else who had no quarrel with Amerika.