Monday, December 01, 2008

Food Writer’s Diary readers prefer Wendy’s

December 1

The results of the Food Writer’s Diary Big 3 U.S. Burger Chain poll are in, and 42 percent of the 119 participants said Wendy’s was their favorite. Nine percent said they’d never eaten at a Big 3 U.S. burger chain, which means that they likely live in very poor developing countries, are really irredeemable snobs, or liars.

The full results:

“Pick Your Favorite of the Big 3 U.S. Burger Chains”

McDonald’s: 29 (24 percent)
Burger King: 28 (23 percent)
Wendy’s: 51 (42 percent)
I have never eaten at any of these: 11 (9 percent)

Thank you for participating. A new poll has been posted. I await the results with bated breath.

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